Lesley Hyatt

Let language, imagination and insight free your mind.

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Meet Lesley

Lesley Hyatt is a writing and mindfulness teacher with over 30 years experience working with students of all ages. She is the founder of The WriteMind Project and Joyriders mindfulness groups.


Writing Workshops

Writing Workshop for youth and adults.

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Mindfulness Groups

Mindfulness groups for youth and adults.

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Other Services

Lesley offers both private and individual instruction for writing and mindfulness. Contact Lesley for more information.

Lesley is a natural born teacher. Her approach is equal parts empathetic, comedic, expert, patient, Trusting, focused and forgiving. I’ve watched her work with people of all ages, she is able to connect with anyone but has a particular magic with kids and teens. I’d pick her to see my kids through any challenge. She’s truly gifted.
— Susan D.
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