I’ve been in Lesley’s Joyriders mindfulness group for over a year. A lot of people are teaching mindfulness classes these days, but Lesley’s a different kind of teacher. Trust me—when you work with Lesley, you’re working with someone who really knows what they’re talking about. She’s been on ‘the path’ for decades. If you ask her, Lesley will tell you that she’s not really teaching this stuff—she’s just sharing what she’s learned along the way. What I’ll tell you is to take a mindfulness class with Lesley Hyatt!
— Jennifer C
I took a poetry class with Lesley Hyatt. Although I’m not a poet, Lesley made me feel comfortable exploring new areas of writing I had never tried before. Her humor, kindness, and warmth made the class a joy! I would highly recommend working with her!
— Robin F
The word ‘joy’ used to make me cringe. Then I took Lesley’s Joyriders class. Now ‘joy’ is my favorite word ever. I guess you could say that Lesley helped me become a joy junkie. It’s like with Lesley I finally got the message that even when life is bitter, it’s still sweet.
— Stacey G.
Lesley is a natural born teacher. Her approach is equal parts empathetic, comedic, expert, patient, trusting, focused and forgiving. I’ve watched her work with people of all ages, she is able to connect with anyone but has a particular magic with kids and teens. I’d pick her to see my kids through any challenge. She’s truly gifted.
— Susan D.
Writing with Lesley is really fun, and she helped me realize that I really like poetry, when I thought I didn’t!
— Gigi, age 12