The WriteMind Project for Middle and High School Students

  • For anyone who loves to write.

  • For anyone who wishes they loved to write

  • For everyone who wants less stress, less anxiety, more humor and more joy in their lives!

The WriteMind Project teaches students to develop as writers in a unique program designed around mindfulness-based themes. Each theme offers new paths into imaginative or expository writing along and introduces simple mindfulness practices.

Good skills for writing and good skills for life!

WriteMind students develop:

  • Confidence and aptitude as creative and expository writers.

  • Tools to begin a regular mindfulness practice to manage stress and anxiety.

  • Innovative strategies to express their unique voices as writers.

  • Connection and community with fellow students.

  • Increased emotional IQ

  • Deepened capacity for courage, humor and kindness for themselves and others.

Lesley offers two WriteMind courses:

WriteMind Creative

For new and experienced poets, storytellers, songwriters and other imaginative writers. WriteMind Creative students experiment with all forms of imaginative writing, including poetry, fiction, and personal essay.

WriteMind Academic

For students seeking greater skill and aptitude in school-based compositional writing. WriteMind Academic students learn and practice expository stylistics in an atmosphere of slightly irreverent seriousness.

For more information about The WriteMind Project, including upcoming workshops and registration click HERE.