A writing workshop to quiet the bully in your head

Too often our ability to transcribe our most compelling, honest and original thoughts is silenced by the anxiety-producing and downright unkind voices in our minds:

Oh, great. Another blank page.
Do you even have anything worthwhile to say?
Do you really believe your voice matters?
Says who?

Welcome to the stormy universe of the Inner Critic, where everything you say (if you dare to say it) will be held against you, and every door you try to open will slam shut on your toe. Ouch!


You invite your Inner Critic to tea!

In Friending the Inner Critic, writers work with simple mindfulness practices as an innovative point of entry into imaginative writing. By gaining new insight and increased awareness about the nature of their inner critics, writers are able to unlock the full power of their creativity with courage, humor and real self-acceptance.

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